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Ti-Ez Neck Tie Organizer

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Ti-Ez Neck Tie Organizer
Ti-Ez Neck Tie Organizer

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At Spring Mills Manufacturing, Inc., we produce some of the most innovative products available. Our Ti-Ez neck tie organizer is a compact, effective solution, to a long-standing inconvenience. Most neck tie organizers are bulky, built with gimmicky electronics, or difficult to use. The Ti-Ez contains no electric motors and allows users to see all of their ties without rifling through a pile. It is available in sizes which hold 25, 50, or 100 neckties and works using a simple, yet durable, pinch mechanism to hold the tie at the fold. Because it is lightweight, the Ti-Ez can be mounted almost anywhere with the included simple hardware packet. Ties can be stored on the back of the door or in a closet while taking up minimal space.

The freedom to store ties in any order allows the user to sort by pattern, color, or occasion, without having to reshuffle everything every time a tie is removed. Removal is also simple; a simple sliding motion is used to remove the tie from the holding pins. Its simple, innovative design means the Ti-Ez will last for years. This patented design is exclusive to Spring Mills Manufacturing and available through our website. For more information about the Ti-Ez neck tie organizer, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Ti-Ez Neck Tie Organizer Capabilities

Product Name
Ti-Ez Neck Tie Organizer
Tie Capacity
Necessary Hardware is Included
Easy to Hang & Remove Ties
All Ties Remain Visible
Will not Wrinkle or Damage Ties
Patented Design
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